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Newfoundland Artists - Limited Edition Prints
Kathy Sweetapple

Kathy Sweetapple (nee Feltham) is an art teacher in Glovertown where she resides with her husband, Tony and their three sons, Mark, Jake and John. Leading a busy life has influenced her choice of subject matter as she tends to paint images of intimate or defining moments of family and heritage. "Sometimes I feel we do not take, or have, the time to appreciate those moments that define our lives. In my images I try to capture those moments that become meaningful memories in an individual's family's or culture's existance - the moments you wish you could freeze and keep, like pearls, forever." Kitchens have always been the heart of the Newfoundland home, a place where parties, teas, homemade goodies, and memories are made. It has long been a Newfoundland tradition to preserve and prepare food for Christmas, and many ladies were known for their family recipes (Aunt Minnie's dark fruit cake, Sarah's pudding and rum sauce, etc.). Traditionally, raisin bread and salt fish are served on Christmas Eve. Fruit cake and syrup are served to visitors and mummers. A common question around this time of year is: "Do you have your Christmas baking done yet?" Often cookies, breads, and cakes were, and are still, given as gifts. For many the smells and tastes of these foods trigger fond Christmas memories. The colour scheme for "In Nan's Kitchen" is based on the colours found in the Newfoundland tartan.
Aurora ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
Kathy Sweetapple

Edition size: 100
Image size: 10" x 13 1/4"
Giclee on watercolor paper

To order
email or call 1 866 364 1727
Homegrown Welcome ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
"Homegrown Welcome"
Kathy Sweetapple

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email or call 1 866 364 1727
In Grand Father's Day ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
"In Grand Father's Day"
Kathy Sweetapple

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email or call 1 866 364 1727
In Nans Kitchen ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
"In Nans Kitchen"
Kathy Sweetapple

Edition size: 530
Image size: 12" x 16"

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email or call 1 866 364 1727
Like Glass ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
"Like Glass"
Kathy Sweetapple

Edition size: 100
Image size: 15" x 11 1/4"
Giclee on Watercolor paper

To order
email or call 1 866 364 1727
Patience My Son ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
"Patience My Son"
Kathy Sweetapple

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email or call 1 866 364 1727
Pride and Joy ... Newfoundland Artist Kathy Sweetapple
"Pride and Joy"
Kathy Sweetapple

Edition size:
Image size: 11" x 14"

To order
email or call 1 866 364 1727
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